mozaBook expands teaching tools with its versatile and innovative illustration, animation and presentation possibilities. Users can create exercise books and digital textbooks, which can be enriched with interactive content (3D models, educational videos, sound files, images). More than 70 thematic applications help to arouse students' interest and help acquiring knowledge. The software is available for students, teachers and schools.
Videos introducing our educational solutions »
With the help of the videos you can get an insight to the mozaLearn system and become acquainted with the applications.
3D models
Over 1000 interactive 3D models »
When a lesson contains 3D animations, you can play the animations by clicking on the 3D icon in your online textbook. You can find a list of all the 3Ds included in your textbook in the Extras menu. 3D models can be rotated and re-sized, and most 3D animations contain narrations in several languages.
Globe Theatre (London)
The mechanism of hearing
Mars Exploration Program
Over 100 thematic applications »
Over 100 thematic applications built for curriculum in various subjects provide a unique way of practising and deepening knowledge acquired in class. The collection of games and tools is continuously expanding with new functions being added regularly. Many tools and applications also contain animated exercises, which turn learning into a playful experience. Exercises created by teachers and students within the tools can be saved for later use.
Multipl. table
Elektro kit
Over 600 tutorials and videos »
Our educational films are all made in-house and present everything from remote landscapes and rare organisms, to chemical and physical experiments, to adapted poems, stories and plays.
Logic, skill development and educational games »
Numerous games await those who love to play, practice and compete! Test your knowledge and skills with our games by playing against other students in the country or by simply challenging your classmates.
Connect 4
Online textbooks
Nearly 500 online books with extra content »
Digital textbooks offered in our webshop can be opened online with a web browser, can be paged through and zoomed in without any loss of quality. Textbooks are enriched with amazing interactive content (including 3D models, educational videos, audios, tools and exercises), which can be opened and played with one click.